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Patients Testimonials

Olga Pavlovna, 56 years, Kiev

My diabetes of the type 2 started not long ago with the age-related changes. I was prescribed to follow different diets. But sometimes one wants to have a piece of cake. I studied this question myself (I am a nurse by profession) and made a decision to take inulin as a natural probiotics which is able to reduce blood glucose level and restore metabolism. Inulin-Nutrimed seemed to be the most appropriate. The endocrinologist whom I know also recommended this drug. I have been taking Inulin-Nutrimed for 2 years already – 2 capsules 3 times a day – with some small intervals. I do not think about strict diets and enjoy a piece of cake on holidays.

Maria Andreevna, 33 years, Poltava

I started to gain wait after the delivery. I expected it could be but I was not ready to accept that my weight would not return after finishing breastfeeding. I did not consult the doctor immediately but started experimenting with different diets which added stresses only. After testing I was found to have an increased sugar level. I decided it was a hereditary problem, as my grandmother had diabetes. But my fasting sugar level was within normal, it increased after meal only. One day at my visit to policlinic my doctor recommended me to take Inulin-Nutrimed. In a week I felt some changes. I made little account of it till spring came and I found out that my size became smaller, I lost 4 kilos. They checked my sugar level, it was within normal during the day. I am grateful to my attending doctor that she recommended me to take Inulin-Nutrimed. I feel myself well and do not think about any diet.

Fedor Orestovich, 47 years, Ivano-Frankivsk

I was diagnosed diabetes during periodic health examination at the work place. It was a mild form but I was prescribed antihyperglycemic drugs. But I felt myself not well after taking them. We fix one thing and break another. I visited an exhibition devoted to Diabetes Day and got interested with Inulin-Nutrimed. Its natural composition attracted my attention. I was able to buy it there from the manufacturer by lower price and I do not regret. I started to take fewer drugs and my tests showed that the sugar level was within normal and I feel myself much better.

Svetlana Porfirievna, 51 years, Makeevka

I had diabetes mellitus for a long time and I got used that my sugar level is increased. I feel myself better after sanatorium therapy. This time besides all procedures the doctor prescribed me Inulin-Nutrimed which was available in a local drugstore. I was so surprised to find out that my test results were within normal at discharge and I felt myself much better. As I did not take any antihyperglycemic drugs, I consider it to be the result of Inulin-Nutrimed intake. Thank you very much to the manufacturers.

Irina Ivanovna, 49 year, Cherkasy

I have mild diabetes mellitus. Constant monitoring of a glucose level starts to be a sense of life. Nobody wants it to worsen. I noticed that antihyperglycemic drugs provide temporary effect. They work only in time of administration not relieving the disease. I addressed to natural methods. Topinambour and chicory are well known antihyperglycemic agents. There is something magic in them. I gave myself the trouble to sort out (one can’t buy health and I have one only). Inulin contained in these plants reduces blood sugar. Inulin should be high molecular weight; being a chemist I know what it means). I surfed Internet and found required inulin which was a component of natural preparation Inulin-Nutrimed. I consulted the doctor and started my treatment decisively. In 3 months my test results were within normal and only in a month the level again increased. I returned to previous dosage regimen of Inulin-Nutrimed (2 capsules 3 times a day). Since them I made friends with Inulin-Nutrimed. I order Inulin-Nutrimed directly in a company-manufacturer collect on delivery. This way it is much cheaper than in drugstores (I have a discount being a constant customer).

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