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"Inulin-Nutrimed seemed to be the most appropriate. The endocrinologist whom I know also recommended this drug. I have been taking Inulin-Nutrimed for 2 years already – 2 capsules 3 times a day – with some small intervals. I do not think about strict diets and enjoy a piece of cake on holidays..."

"One day at my visit to policlinic my doctor recommended me to take Inulin-Nutrimed. In a week I felt some changes..."


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Experts Opinions


Olga Mekheda
endocrinologist of higher category




I have been prescribing Inulin-Nutrimed to my patients for many years. This drug substantially eliminates the problem of diabetes associated complications. Due to regular Inulin-Nutrimed administration many patients reduced the number of their visits to health care facility. It means that the disease is cured and pathology does not develop.


Svetlana Makaeva
endocrinologist of higher category




Inulin-Nutrimed allows reducing the dose of basic antihyperglycemic drug. Administration of Inulin-Nutrimed only is possible in noncomplicated type 2 diabetes mellitus. Completely natural preparation definitely reduces blood glucose level.


Vera Dorosheva
gastroenterologist of higher category




I advise everybody to take Inulin-Nutrimed. The answer is simple – high molecular weight inulin contained in Inulin-Nutrimed is necessary for normal metabolism in the body. Being natural probiotics Inulin-Nutrimed benefits all organs and systems, especially endocrine system and digestive tract.


Olga Danilenko
endocrinologist of higher category




I noticed that newly diagnosed diabetes, which started not long ago, is easier treatable if Inulin-Nutrimed is used in the complex of procedures. Its regular administration allows living productive life style and not to think about diet necessity.


Maya Beruk
endocrinologist of higher category




Daily administration of Inulin-Nutrimed provides for normal metabolism benefiting all organs and systems. It concerns firstly endocrine and digestive systems.


Oksana Korchadym




Not all patients tolerate drugs well. Patients with endocrine pathology are mostly subjected to this problem. To prevent the complications I advise to take natural preparation Inulin-Nutrimed which contains natural high molecular weight inulin able to reduce blood glucose and cholesterol levels. It will be useful for everybody without an exception, especially for patients with diabetes mellitus.

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