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"Inulin-Nutrimed seemed to be the most appropriate. The endocrinologist whom I know also recommended this drug. I have been taking Inulin-Nutrimed for 2 years already – 2 capsules 3 times a day – with some small intervals. I do not think about strict diets and enjoy a piece of cake on holidays..."

"One day at my visit to policlinic my doctor recommended me to take Inulin-Nutrimed. In a week I felt some changes..."


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About preparation

Inulin-Nutrimed is recommended for treatment of non-insulin-dependent diabetes (type 2). It facilitates a reduction in blood sugar levels and normalization of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism; prevents vascular complications in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes (type 2), atherosclerosis; it can also be used as prophylaxis of diabetes mellitus in persons with risk factors (overweight, heredity etc.).

High molecular weight inulin extracted from fresh chicory roots is the main active substance of the completely natural plant preparation Inulin-Nutrimed. A novel patent technology and know-how applied by Nutrimed company, which has been specialized in manufacturing high-quality plant preparations for 12 years already, allows receiving inulin with the ramified molecular structure. Such inulin has more marked biological effect on the human body compared with the normal (low molecular weight) inulin. Only Nutrimed company offers manufactured high molecular weight inulin as Inulin-Nutrimed preparation in Ukrainian market.

Long-term clinical studies proved convincing evidences of the efficacy of Inulin-Nutrimed in many diseases. However, the most valuable effect is presented in diabetes mellitus. The unique action of the preparation lies in the fact that it does not only reduce the blood glucose level (not causing hypoglycemia) but also normalizes carbohydrate and lipid exchange preventing the appearance and development of vascular complications in diabetes mellitus.

Intake of Inulin-Nutrimed at the initial stage of the disease makes it possible to get along without synthetic antihyperglycemic drugs for a long time. At a later stage Inulin-Nutrimed allows reducing the dose of basic antihyperglycemic drug and preventing vascular complications.

Inulin-Nutrimed is indicated for:

  • fs a monotherapy in newly diagnosed or mild type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • fs an adjuvant treatment to reduce the dose of basic antihyperglycemic drug
  • prevention of vascular complications in moderate and severe diabetes
  • normalization of carbohydrate and lipid exchange

Method of administration and recommended daily dose: 2 capsules 3 times a day 15 minutes before meal with sufficient water amount. For prevention purposes: 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Composition: chicory extract (Cichorium intibus) – 500 mg.

Warnings: no.

Application pattern: intake 15 minutes before meal during 4-6 months.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to components.

Storage conditions and shelf life: store in a clean dry place, protected from light, at temperature not higher than 20°С.

Expiration date: 24 months from manufacture date.

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